The Curse of Strahd

An adventure begins

When last we met. . .

It was a quiet night in Neverwinter Forest. A group of adventurers gathered around a campfire exchanging stories except for one. An odd little Gnome Wizard by the name of Nizzix. Listening to the voices in the air urging him to read from the book he held, he read the words from the book. . . well most of them.

In moments the mood changed as a thick fog rolled into the campsite. The adventurers quickly realizing that they were somehow transported to a new ominous surrounding. The fog turning the trees around them into grey ghosts.

As the fog crept closer their fire burst into bonfire proportions and a vision of a man in black appeared before them on a black horse.

Feeling threatened, or because he is a dumb brute, Alphonse a powerful Human Barbarian grabbed the thing nearest to him, a rock and lobbed it at the intruder.

In an instant the man in black and the fire giving warmth and protection from the darkness around them were gone.

Grimm and Rexxa, a Human Fighter and Tiefling Ranger respectively, Veterans of a long past war urged the party to venture out.

Along a path they came across a disturbing scene of a mangled body clutching a letter sealed with a wax B, upon inspection of the contents they learned from a mysterious person known as Burgomaster of a Vampire that has tormented the lands for over 400 years and cautioned them to turn back.

Ignoring the warning they set forth to the Village of Barovia. Once there they encountered two small children A small boy weeping and clutching a teddy bear, and his older sister, who told them of a monster in their house.

Against their better judgment the fog creeping in forced the party into the house leaving the children outside.

The party began their inspection of the house noticing that things are not quite as they seem with hidden images carved into walls and hidden doors around every corner.

Nizzix Stumbled into a Library, and by chance located a book that opened a secret door behind the bookcase. Within he found the corpse of an adventurer that had sprung a poison trap half fallen into a chest.

In this chest Nizzix found a letter, a deed to the house and a deed to a windmill along with a few spell scrolls and leather bound books, which he kept for himself stuffing them in a bag before coming out of the secret room and showing the letter to the party.

In this letter they learned of a cult that worship a dread lord by the name of Strahd von Zarovich.

Who is the Vampire Burgomaster warned of? Who is the Cult? Who is the Dread Lord Strahd von Zarovich? What adventure’s await the party?

-Your Benevolent Dungeon Master


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